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Our daughter LOVE these dolls so much that we have accumulated quite a few of them! They are small enough that they can carry them all over the house but large enough to hold like a real baby! They love their hair and styling their hair! I was impressed with the quality of these dolls for the price I paid! My husband even made a comment about the quality. I’ll definitely purchase again and buy for other little girls in our life!

United States

In Love with this doll!

Very surprised with this doll quality, and very beautiful too. My four years old daughter loves it and all the clothes we get for her looks amazing. I really recommend it.

Yani Torees
United States

Perfect for Barbie

This playset is so cute. As usual, the accessories are great and there are a ton of them. I think it is one of the great things about the GG line. Their accessories for the most part are 1:6 scale and fit Barbies and 12-inch figures exceptionally well. Nothing in this set seemed too big. I am really glad I purchased this.

C. Higgins
United States

Worth the money for sure
I bought these for my daughters birthday party for her little friends as their party favors. By the time you buy all the little junk you could purchase one of these cute dolls instead. All the girls loved them. The quality is great and they have the cutest little faces. This doll is a win!!

Danielle hendricks
United States

A hit with my hair obsessed child
Very cute little doll, but the best part is her hair. My 7yr old loves to do her doll’s hair and this doll is the best. Her hair is soft and curly and very stylable. Also, the doll comes with hair care instructions. Love it!

United States

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