GG Sweet Shop Terrace Set

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Shimmering Sweet Shop Patio Accessories for 14-inch Dolls
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Shimmer in the sparkling sunshine on the patio outside the Sweet Shop with the GG Sweet Shop Terrace Set! This accessory playset lets your 14-inch dolls sip on sweet drinks and share dazzling treats with their best friends! This dazzling set has everything your Glitter Girls dolls need to open for business on the terrace, and is lots of fun to use on its own or combined with the GG Sweet Shop! Set up the pretty table and chairs in your favorite corner of the patio and decorate the space with pretty potted plants and lots of gorgeous table decor. The cashier counter with a pretend neon sign saying "hello" will give your guests a warm welcome. What will you order today? From meringues to marshmallow twists and from popcorn to pretzels, there's something on the menu for every sweet tooth! The GG Sweet Shop Terrace Set is modeled by Glitter Girls dolls Chrissy, Nelly, and Charlie. Recommended for kids aged 3 years old and up. Glitter Girls are excellent dolls for 6-year-old girls. Compatible with most 14-inch dolls and accessories including Wellie Wishers dolls and Hearts for Hearts dolls.
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